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about sara

Hello. I'm Sara.

I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

I used to work nine to five as a graphic designer in the corporate world and even managed to get commissions from the British Museum and have work displayed in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London...

...and then the children arrived.

My days were spent covered in glitter. I read The Tiger Who Came To Tea faaar too many times to mention and I mastered the dark art of hiding vegetables in pasta sauce.

But I still craved creativity so i started my own little home business, Handmadely.

Fast forward a few years to now. I'm settled in my groove, I'm loving drawing and designing affordable prints, papercuts and cards and I'm ready to be just me.

So, Sara Turner, designer - this is me :)

P.S. My husband, who knocked together this website, doesn't often convey depth of feelings very well. Were he to add a secret sentence to this site without his wife's knowledge, he would probably want to let his wife know how proud he was of her and her efforts to get a new business off the ground. He would also like to assert that he loves her more than football.